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  • How do I order a resole?
    1. In order to get your shoes resoled, you will need to go to the "RESOLE" tab on this website. Fill out the order form with all of the necessary information. 2. If you want multiple pairs of shoes resoled, please complete separate order forms. 3. Please be aware that even though you request specific items, Dustin will ultimately determine the type of work your shoes needs. If you have questions ahead of time please contact Dustin. 4. Dustin will complete the resole and send you an invoice through your email via PayPal when the shoes are completed. You will be able to click on the link and pay online either with credit card or PayPal. If you would like a quote in advanced, please send him pictures of your shoes via text and he can text you a quote prior to drop-off or shipping. 5. Dustin will only reach out when your shoes are completed. He receives high volumes of shoes so he is not able to respond directly to each individual person with an estimate on how quickly their shoes will be completed. If you have a specific question, please text or call Dustin directly at 717-376-9389. **Please note that the posted turn around times are only rough estimates and your shoes may take a few days longer (or shorter!) depending on holidays, sick days, vacations, and current volume of inventory. Dustin is the only person who runs this company so please be patient if he goes out of town or gets sick. Thank you for understanding.
  • I'm local to Tucson, how does drop-off/pick-up work?
    Rodeo Resole conveniently has three drop-off boxes in Tucson, AZ -- at Rock Solid on the northwest side, Rocks & Ropes in downtown Tucson, and The Bloc near Mt. Lemmon. To drop-off shoes, please complete the online order form, then write your full name on a tag provided at the drop off box at the gyms. Then zip-tie the tag onto one of your shoes. Please do not zip tie shoes together because then Dustin has to cut it off and redo the tag. You can attach your shoes to each other via laces or velcro then place them into the drop box. When your shoes are complete, you will receive an invoice through your email via PayPal. You can pay the invoice either with credit card or PayPal, then pickup your shoes one of two ways: -If you dropped your shoes off at Rock Solid, head to the front desk and let the staff know that you are there to pick up your shoes. -If you dropped your shoes at Rocks & Ropes or The Bloc, Dustin will leave your shoes in a locker at the gym (the black locker located directly next to the drop-off box) and send you the locker combination to retrieve your shoes at your earliest convenience. Locker space is given in priority to those who paid their invoice first. Due to limited locker space, there may be a wait if locker space is unavailable. Please pick up your shoes within 3 days if you choose to have them left in a locker, as Dustin gives back many pairs of shoes and needs the locker space. Thank you.
  • I'm not local to Tucson, how does shipping work?
    Please follow the instructions on the order form page to submit your order. Then, ship your shoes to the address listed at the bottom of this page using your preferred local shipping company. Dustin will receive your shoes, complete the resole order, then send you an invoice through email via PayPal. Once you have paid for your order with either credit card or PayPal, he will ship them back to you via USPS.
  • What is a resole?
    Rock climbing is such a fun sport but climbing shoes can be expensive! The rubber on the bottom of the shoe (the sole) and the rubber on the front of the shoe (the rand) can wear down over time with repeated climbing. Instead of throwing the whole pair of shoes in the trash and starting over, you can have your shoes professionally resoled and they will be as good-as-new for a fraction of the cost of buying a new pair! Even better, you don't have to go through the painful process of breaking in a new pair of shoes all over again. If you notice your shoes becoming worn on the bottom, it might be time for a resole. You can send them in to Rodeo Resole and Dustin will make a cut on the bottom of your shoes, peel off the old sole, and place a new sole back on the bottom. He will cut, sand, and press the new sole in a way that perfectly matches the shape and size of your old shoe so that they are good-as-new again. Here is an example of a shoe that is at a perfect place to get a new standard resole:
  • What are the different types of rubber?
    Here are some articles describing the various types of climbing rubber. If you still are unsure, let Dustin pick! He is an expert on what kind of climbing rubber would be best on each shoe. Vibram XS Grip 2: Vibram XS Edge: Unparallel RH: This is a softer, stickier, and more malleable type of climbing shoe rubber. Dustin recommends that all FiveTen brand climbing shoes receive this rubber, and he will not put Vibram rubber on FiveTen. Unparallel would also be the best choice for a gym-specific climbing shoe. Davos Stick Zero: This rubber is a great all-around option. It is not as stiff as the Vibram XS Edge, but still does a great job of edging. It also is a bit sticker than the Vibram Grip 2, which puts it at that nice sweet spot in between the two rubber choices.
  • What is a toe cap?
    If the front of your shoe is worn down or maybe you have a small hole, Dustin can also make a cut and peel off the front rubber (called "rand rubber") and add a new piece of rand rubber called a toe cap onto your shoe. Here are some shoes that will need a new toe cap on them: However, you cannot get a toe cap without a new sole. Dustin needs to take off the sole first, then he can remove the rand and place on a new toe cap if needed. Please do not request only a toe cap for your shoe, it is not only not possible but if your shoe is worn enough that you need a toe cap, you probably also will need a new sole. Here is what a shoe looks like when it is torn down and prepped for a new toe cap and sole: Sometimes, shoes have been worn down a bit too much and they may need some extra work done to them to make them climbable again. Dustin can sew up some holes in the front of the shoe, but at some point they are too far gone to fix. So please send in your shoes to get fixed before they are too far gone and check out the "TIPS AND TRICKS" tab to learn how to preserve the life of your shoe longer. Here are some shoes that will be fixable but will need extra work done at an extra charge:
  • What is a half rand?
    For some shoes, you MUST get a full rand replaced. There are several reasons your shoes may need a full rand: either the shoe has a distinct shape and cannot get just a toe cap, if you've had multiple toe caps done on a pair of shoes in the past, or if the front rand is too worn down in general. This just means that Dustin will make a larger cut on the front of your shoes and replace the full front rand of the shoe instead of a smaller toe cap. This looks cleaner and performs better than a standard toe cap. Not all shoes need this, but if you would like to pay a little extra and have your shoes look a bit nicer you can request that we add it, even if your shoe doesn't quite need it. Here is a shoe getting a full rand torn down: And here is a shoe completed with a full rand:
  • What is a "Spare Parts" resole?
    Dustin is an authorized La Sportiva Resoler which means he has access to ordering the official spare parts soles directly from La Sportiva that perfectly match your shoe. While this is not necessary for most shoes, it may benefit you since it will make your shoes completely brand-new again, as these are custom parts for your model and size of shoes. For the La Sportiva No-Edge shoes, this custom part is required for all resoles. Due to the unique style of these shoes, the only way to properly resole them is by ordering the custom parts for this shoe. If you choose to have a spare parts resole done for your shoes, please select the "Spare Parts" option when placing your order. Then, Dustin will order your sole from La Sportiva directly. Due to this, Spare Parts resoles will take longer than the average time, as Dustin needs to wait for the custom part to be shipped.
  • Are my shoes too damaged to be resoled?
    Dustin prides himself on delivering the best quality work and therefore will not accept shoes that he is not fully confident he can restore back to excellent condition. Sometimes, shoes have been climbed in for too long to be salvaged. Dustin can fix small holes in the front of shoes, but a good rule of thumb (or toe) is if you can see your toes through a hole in the front of the shoe, it most likely cannot be fixed. The only exception is if there is a split at a seam, this can be sewed to fix. If your shoes are questionable, please send Dustin pictures in advanced for a consultation. See phone number under "CONTACT" tab or at the bottom of this page. Please get your shoes repaired in time, before they become too damaged. Please stop climbing in your shoes if they are getting to be in rough shape. Here are a pair of shoes with holes that are too damaged to be repaired. They have a large hole in the front of both of them and they have repeated weather damage so they are exceptionally "crusty": These shoes have delaminated too much to be repaired:
  • Can I get just a toe cap without a resole?
    No. This is not possible as you need to take off the shoe's sole to be able to replace the rand rubber.
  • I need my shoes done quickly! Can you expediate my order?
    Please send Dustin a text with the date you need your shoes done. A rush fee may be applied for those who need shoes done quicker than 5 weeks.
  • Do you resole approach shoes or other types of shoes?
    At this moment, we do not resole any other kinds of shoes other than rock climbing shoes. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Help, my question wasn't answered here!
    Please see "CONTACT" tab of this website. You can call or text Dustin with any questions that have not been answered within his working hours. If you are trying to contact Dustin outside of working hours, go ahead and use the email form on the page to email Dustin a question. Thank you.
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