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If you are shipping your shoes to Rodeo Resole, you are responsible for paying for the full shipping cost.

You will need to pay to ship your shoes to Tucson, AZ to the shipping address listed at the bottom of this page. You may use your preferred shipping company.

Rodeo Resole will ship shoes back to you via USPS when shoes are completed. Shipping cost will be included in final invoice you must pay prior to getting your shoes shipped back.


If you are unhappy with your resole, please feel free to reach out. Rodeo Resole strives to make quality resole work and is committed to maintaining happy customers. If there is a legitimate concern with your shoes, we can work with you to determine a solution.

However, resoles are not guaranteed to last any minimum amount of time. There are too many variances with: original quality of climbing shoe, storage temperature, footwork, and care of shoes in order to guarantee your resoles will last a specific amount of time.  

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