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Resole Service Pricing

*PLEASE NOTE: Each pair of shoes that you submit will be required to have a standard base half-sole resole or spare parts resole. You cannot get just rand work on your shoes (toe cap, half rand, full rand).


Base Resole: $50 for Davos rubber, $55 for Vibram and Unparallel rubber (required)

Toe Caps: +$15 additional per shoe on top of base resole, as needed

Half Rand: +$20 additional per shoe on top of base resole, as needed or requested

Full Rand: +$25 additional per shoe on top of base resole, as needed or requested (option only available for certain shoes)

Spare Parts Half Sole Resole: $65 per pair total cost, will take a longer amount of time if specific shoe size is out of stock; La Sportiva half sole spare parts include: No-Edge, Skwama, Theory, Kubo, Otaki/Kataki, Cobra, Mantra, Aragon, and Solutions

Spare Parts Full Sole Resole: $70 per pair total cost; La Sportive full sole spare parts include: TC Pro, Mythos, Finale, and Tarantula

Stitching Repair: approx. +$5 additional per shoe (if your shoe is heavily damaged it may cost more to fix)

Rush Order: $20 per pair. This will put your shoes at the front of the queue. Turnaround time is typically 1-2 weeks but may take longer if Dustin is out of town or sick. If you choose to do a rush order you must text Dustin personally at 717-376-9389 to ensure he receives this request ASAP to begin work on your shoes.

Shipping (USPS)

1 pair: $12

2 pairs or more: price is calculated by weight and distance by priority mail

Shipping takes approximately 7-10 days. Please see FAQ for more information.

vibram rubber, for climbing shoes

Quality Products

We only use the best quality rubber and products.

Rodeo Resole prides itself on using only the best quality products. Other resolers may opt for cheaper rubber, but at Rodeo Resole we know that the finest products last the longest.


Vibram Rubber

There's a reason Vibram is the classic: it's simply the best. Rodeo Resole uses the top-quality Vibram rubber. 

Unparallel Rubber

Unparallel is a new type of climbing shoe rubber taking the climbing world by storm. It's softer and stickier and perfect for FiveTen shoes or gym climbing shoes.

unparallel rubber for climbing shoes
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