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Submit Your Resole Order

Please be sure to read the FAQ and pricing page to answer any questions before you send in your shoes for resole. Once you submit this order form, you may then send in your shoes either via in-person drop box in Tucson or through your preferred shipping.

If you would like a quote on the cost of your shoes prior to sending them to Rodeo Resole, please contact Dustin.

If your shoes are too damaged to be fixed, they will be discarded or shipped back at your expense. If you are concerned that your shoes may not be suitable for repair, please text Dustin a picture for consultation before sending them in.

**Please note that the posted turn around times are only rough estimates and your shoes may take a few days longer (or shorter!) depending on holidays, sick days, vacations, and current volume of inventory. Dustin is the only person who runs this company so please be patient if he goes out of town or gets sick. Thank you for understanding.

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